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Systane Complete Eye Drops 10ml

Systane Complete Eye Drops 10ml

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Alcon SYSTANE COMPLETE 10ML Ophthalmic Drops generate temporary relief from burning and irritation and dry eyes. It is a great complement also for the care of our contact lenses through their hydration, both soft contact lenses in general (hydrophilic) and silicone hydrogel. They reduce the sensation of itchy eyes, discomfort and blurred vision.

SYSTANE COMPLETE 10ml are a few drops of ophthalmic lubricant specially indicated for the treatment of ailments such as red eyes, tired eyes and dry eyes. It acts as an eye moisturizer, improving vision by relieving the symptoms described and providing better comfort by wearing contact lenses.

You can use SYSTANE COMPLETE to help remove impurities from the ocular surface, to improve the hydration of the eye by providing an extra generation of tears and also to clean and disinfect your soft hydrophilic and hydrogel silicone lenses, both daily and monthly disposable.

Except in cases of allergy to any of the components of SYSTANE COMPLETE, you can make as many applications of the drops during the day as you need to hydrate your eyes, either at any time of the day to refresh them or before or after putting on contact lenses and provide a hydration bonus.

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