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KY Lubricating Jelly 57g

KY Lubricating Jelly 57g

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K-Y Jelly is recommended to help enhance your natural lubrication.

There are times when you need relief from the dryness that is caused by your body not producing enough of its own lubrication.

K-Y is a moist, colourless, odourless, non-greasy gel that eliminates friction discomfort and helps to protect you from irritation. It has been specifically created based on gynaecological research to supplement your natural lubrication.

K-Y is ideal for use with condoms.

Like your body's own lubrication, K-Y is water-based, so it is clean rinsing and won't remain in the body like petroleum jelly can.

Think of K-Y as the closest thing to your body's own natural lubrication.

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