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Manicare Grooming Set Manicure & Pedicure 4pcs

Manicare Grooming Set Manicure & Pedicure 4pcs

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A grooming set with 4 professional quality manicure & pedicure essential tools.

This grooming set includes:

Eyebrow Tweezer Finest quality stainless steel, 22k gold tipped tweezers with perfectly aligned tips to ensure accurate & easy hair removal.

Toenail Clipper Precision ground cutting edges for clipping tough toenails. Includes a fold out file for smoothing & shaping jagged edges.

Nail Clipper Chrome plated steel nail clipper with curved cutting edges. Includes a fold out file.

Sapphire Nail File Stainless steel, dual coated surface nail file to beautifully smooth & shape nails after trimming. Use the coarse side to shape nails & the fine side to smooth & finish the nail edge.

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