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Berocca Performance Original 30

Berocca Performance Original 30

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Berocca is formulated to help boost your energy levels. These days peoples lives are more challenging a demanding that ever before. Stress, inadequate diet, lack of sleep, smoking and drinking all combine to deplete the body of essential B & C vitamins. Berocca provides the necessary vitamins to combat this depletion. When you need energy, Berocca helps you to stay sharp and alert to perform at your best. By taking one effervescent tablet dissolved in water, daily, you'll maintain the bodies optimum level of performance. Berocca is a delicious effervescent drink containing 6 essential B Group vitamins and 1000mg of Vitamin C and is available in two flavours, Original and Tropical. There is no amount of caffeine or taurine etc. Berocca is the healthy energy drink and stress reliever! Berocca provides that unique, uplifting feeling of energy through the B group vitamins which are active in converting carbohydrates into glucose which the body then burns for energy.

Vitamin B assists in:
Providing the body with energy via converting the carbohydrates in the food you consume into glucose.
Ongoing health of the nervous system.
Production of red blood cells.

Vitamin C assists in:
Improving resistance to colds and flu.
Acting as an antioxidant.

Does not contain sugar, caffiene or artificial stimulants.

Dosage: Adults and children over 12 years, 1 tablet dissolved in a glass of water. Take daily or as directed by your healthcare professional.

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