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Avene A-Oxitive Defense Serum 30ml

Avene A-Oxitive Defense Serum 30ml

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A hightly concentrated Antioxidant defense serum.

Help fight against oxidative stress induced by our environment and our lifestyles, A-OXitive is a chrono-active routine that cares for your skin day and night.

A lightly fragranced serum with a non-greasy finish, which helps the skin to defend itself from the harmful effects of oxidative stress.

The formula has the complementary action of the Antioxidant Sheild Complex (ProVitamins C & E) and GP4G, a molecule which reinforces and stimulates the skin's natural defense mechanisms and promotes cell rejuvenation.

All this is lavished with Avene Thermal Spring Water with its hydration boosting molecules, to lastingly replenish and hydrate the skin.

Use on the face and neckline, it helps smooth & protect the skin. First wrinkles and fine lines are reduced and complexion is fresh and radiant.

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